These simple words have changed my life. Prior to discovering yoga, I was a gymnast, dancer and runner. My body was accustomed to a strong physical practice. Walking into my first Power Vinyasa Yoga class I did not expect the same level of physical intensity but after ninety minutes I discovered that yoga was indeed not only intense but much more than just exercise. Yoga is the link between mind and body and its message is especially important in our stressful lives today. Working from the inside out, yoga is the ultimate way to strengthen and maintain the body. In conjunction with the physical aspects, there is a calmness and meditative presence within the practice that naturally allows us to just simply let go. This is where yoga unfolds itself; in it’s ability to shift off of the mat and into our everyday lives, helping us move through any challenges that may arise on a daily basis.

From years of observing and practicing yoga in studios around the globe I have developed a unique approach to Power Vinyasa Yoga. I choose from the best aspects of traditional yoga poses, pilates, dance, and set my class to an eclectic mix of music that flows through each watery session. What inspires me are people that exemplify oneness of body, mind, spirit. My spiritual practice is , the practice of non-violence to others and oneself.

I am a non-judgmental resource for information on nutrition, stress relief and exercise. In my own practice I found that yoga itself naturally lead me to a balanced vegetarian diet combined with vegan and raw foods. I am a member of The Yoga Alliance with a 500 hour RYT certification I blend this with my B.A. in Psychology. My roots are in Southfield, Michigan but I have stretched out to Tel-Aviv, New York, London where I founded Anahearta yoga, and currently Miami.