Recipes from my tasting and demo Homemade Anahearta Nilk Ingredients: 1 large handful raw almonds 1 large handful raw cashews 1 large bottle of coconut water 1 empty container 1 spoon 1 bean strainer Blender or vitamix Optional ingredient combinations Cinnamon: 1 date or 1 tsp coconut sugar , a Tbs powdered vanilla bean powder […]

Supported king pigeon, one of my favorite❤ heart opening variations. People often ask me why I chose the name #anaheartayoga. #anahearta comes from the word #anahata as in #anahata #chakra, our heart chakra. When I first came to yoga, heart openers and backbends were the first poses to impact my body on an emotional level, […]

Basic fruit and veggie smoothies can always be amped up with some essential superfoods and goodies! Yesterday I took my amazing client and #yogabud @organicvinyasa to Whole Foods market for a superfood shopping spree and tutorial as part of her 6 month program with ihearthealth. Here are a few of my favorite things #uglysmoothie #thingsicantlivewithout […]

I didn’t have any fresh fruit but i still managed to whip up a delicious smoothie with these ingredients. Frozen blueberries always save me -3 cubes of e3live -1tsp vanilla espresso almond butter – half cup blueberries – I scoop vega vegan protein – 1 JugoFresh animal energy shot (cacao, green tea matcha, guarana, mesquite, […]

Lunch at The Honey Tree is always delicious and well worth the wait. Fresh vegan food is made daily and arrives around 12 pm. Best to come around 12 as the food sells out very quickly. Sir Han and Justin are always sweet and ready with a smile. Today I chose grilled tofu, Bibb lettuce […]