Rachel has truly shined a new light on how I view yoga. She placed so much attention on the development of my personal yoga path. She challenged and encouraged seamlessly. A gifted teacher.I leave practices with her inspired.
Matthew Sherman, Miami Beach

Rachel has an amazing ability to bring together the theory of yoga with a powerful workout and a heart warming sense of well being. It is a rare thing to find such a young and talented teacher who is so open and creative in her sessions, it reminds you why you love yoga.
Brigitta van Bilderbeek, London

“To yoge” with Rachel is a unique and powerful experience for the body & mind where all the senses are sollicited. With an amazing taste, she creates a great atmosphere: fantastic playlists, amazing scents, cosy lighting and perfect temperature. The work-out couldn’t be better…
Each session is to me like going on a trip deep inside, and coming back feeling full of positive energy, stronger and with a sense of inner peace.
Totally addictive!
Thank you for taking me to another level:)
With love,
Jennyfer Abergel, London

Rachel’s class is one of the most dynamic, fun and challenging practices i’ve ever done. Her sequence of poses flows smoothly and her music selection is stimulating and inspirational. I left her class feeling energetic, less stressed, and much stronger! I can’t wait to do it again again!
Marcie Hubbard, London-Miami

It’s not just her strength. It’s not just her energy. It’s not just her body. It’s not just her voice. It’s not just her soul. Its not just her beauty. It’s not just her friendship. It’s not just her heart. It’s not just her spirit. It’s everything that is Rachel. And for that, my yoga practice is forever grateful.
Lauren Sperber, Miami Beach

Rachel is very gifted in the way she teaches and practices yoga in her class. She has the ability to combine the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga which give me a truly unique experience..she accomplishes this through her postures, her words, and her happy energy positive energy. Rachel also has the ability to adjust her class to meet any need whether I want to test my limits and go 100%..or when I am experiencing a past injury and need certain modifications..it is all really great!! Michael
Michael, Miami

Rachel has been an unbelievable inspiration, guide and motivating force in my practice of yoga. Rachel introduced me to yoga, as I now know it, nearly 2 years ago and my practice has deepened and expanded with much gratitude to her.
Her practice is one of grace, elegance, balanced intensity and absolute intention.
Anyone fortunate enough to have Rachel as a teacher or guru is truly blessed.
David Aaron

Rachel’s yoga classes are phenomenal, she’s such an inspiration! I come away feeling like I’ve had a good work out as well as feeling relaxed and revitalised. Thank you so much Rachel xxx
Alexandra Martinelli, London

Having been practicing yoga for 2 years now I have yet to experience such a sootheing private lesson. Rachel’s techniques are like no other. We did poses I had never heard of nor seen. She is special and takes personal attention, adjustments and techniques to another level. The true benefits of private teaching unfolded when I realized my chronic back pain was eleviated after class. The restorative poses and teachings of how to benefit from the blocks and straps changed my practie after the first lesson.

Lily Cohen, Key West

Private lessons with Rachel has spurred quantum leap advances in my yoga practice, mindset, and life. She is a gift from the heavens for anyone who is serious about embracing all that yoga offers.
Utilizing the breath correctly, engaging the proper muscle groups in the right sequence, working through the platoughs, are all things that Rachel has taught me. This has led to physical changes with my health, wellness, and fitness level, as well as mental changes with my ability to have laser focus and clarity.
Most people rely on changing their physical location, listening to music, consuming a food or beverage, to make them feel happy, relaxed, upbeat, or energized. Rachel will teach you how to instantaneously change your mental state, or clear your mind, by applying what you’ve learned on the mat, to the real world off the mat. one of the many powerful and practical benefits of working with her.
Rachel has everything a student could want in an instructor. She has been exposed to some of the best techniques in the world, extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, radiates positive and encouraging energy, and highly committed to her practice and yours.

Jordan Linn
Jordan Linn, Aventura, Florida

Rachel you inspire me!! Thank you for opening my eyes to yoga! You are an AMAZING teacher! Because of you I feel great!
Stephanie, MIAMI

Ironically I have never been a “yoga” person and couldn’t really understand what all of the devotion to this exercise was all about….When I met Rachel I noticed what a peaceful, refreshing, and vibrant energy she exuded and was curious as to where she drew her balance from. It is through knowing her that I learned the beauty and surprising simplicity of yoga. It is not complicated or intimidating, it does not judge or compete. It is a serene escape from the chatter and whirlwind of your mind and the environment that no one can touch…. And Rachel can enhance this experience more than anyone.
Annie de la Rosa, Miami, FL

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 8 years and Rachel was able to open me up to an entirely new awareness of my mind, body and soul – asanas I had never practiced or knew about before, i now look forward to jumping into.
Scott Studenberg, NYC

Your classes are my hours of serenity in a city and life of chaos! Silencing the mind chatter and centering my heart and mind give me the energy and strength to get through the week. Thank you for your constant encouragement and great workout!
KelseyLee, London

Without question, Rachel is one of the best yoga teachers in the world! Thank you so much, you’re giving me health, life and happiness… Not forgetting a great six pack!
Sair Mir , London Yoga Magazine

Rachel’s Yoga is one of a kind. It teaches your body how to breath, get stronger and heal itself. I’m addicted to her class and highly recommend everyone to try it. She’s incredible!
Michael H, London

Rachel m’a apprise la discipline, l’effort, la volonte grace a son professionalisme…elle m’a initie au yoga, et grace a elle j’ai decouvert un monde ou le corps et l’esprit se rejoigne avec evidence…quelle merveilleuse prof, mais aussi quelle merveilleuse personne…chaque cours est une revelation….I LOVE YOU…..
Sandra Arditti, london


Rachel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s class is necessary. She is such an influential teacher giving off the most amazing energy and spirit. Whether you are looking for an intense workout or just an overall feel good yoga class this is where to go. I have never experienced such a combination of positive energy, great overall workout, stretching and cardio. Love Rachel at anaheartayoga!!!
Leeat Benharrouch, Miami

i can never thank you enough, I’m so lucky to have met you and to have my kids learn yoga with you…the whole family is addicted to u and we would soooooo love to have you back in London….we talk about you every day and we all love u soooo much!!! thanks for giving such a positive energy to my kids, thx for being such a great influence for them…we are all so blessed to know u xxxx mira
mira, london

New at yoga and now addicted!! Rachel is a wonderful teacher. She loves what she does and it shows. Her music is great too ;)
Dana, Hallandale beach fl

My darling you are so beautiful ! Your body and your mind are so connected . To do yoga with you is a great time of peace . Thank you for being my yoga teacher . Big kiss
Sabine Essig , London

The inner light in us honours the inner light in Rachel. WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!<3:)
Chloe and Nada, London

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